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Factory1: Dunao Cun, Yunlong, Yinzhou, Ningbo,China 

Factory2: 50meters wast of Ningbo beltway expressway,Zhenghai,Ningbo,China;

Office:#188 Xinfu Road, XiufengCun, Gaoqiao, Yinzhou,Ningbo,China;

Tel: +86 574 8705 3552 

Fax:+86 574 8705 3552



Household e- appliances

    Small household electrical appliances. Kitchen appliances;Sanitary appliances;Water treatment appliances;Household cleaning appliance; Air conditioning appliances; Heating appliances; Personal care appliance; Health care appliance; Home entertainment electronics; Solar electric appliance; Home audio-visual and lighting products


  • Kitchen appliances

    Smoke machine, cooker, dishwasher, disinfection cupboard, refrigerator, soya bean milk machine, juicer, coffee machine, electric rice cooker, microwave oven, induction cooker, electric baking pan, electric pressure cooker, electric oven, electric frying pan, bread machine, noodle machine, egg boiler, egg mixer, kitchen Po, peeling machine, ice machine, fruit thinning processing machine, detoxification machines, barbecue appliance

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  • Sanitary appliances

    Electric water heater, heat pump water heater, gas water heater, air source (can) water heater, hot type water heaters that heat the tap, speed, Yuba, soap dispenser, soap dispenser, stem integrated ceiling, mobile phone cleaner, exhaust fan

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  • Water treatment appliances

    Water dispenser, water purifier, water purifying tap, soft water machine

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  • Household cleaning appliance

    Vacuum cleaner, sweeping machine, shoe machine, electric mosquito repellent device, electric iron, the toilet deodorizer, garbage disposal, air refresher, oxygen bar, soft towel machine, dryer, washing machine, dehydration machines, dehumidifiers, sterilization machine, oxygen machine, cleaner, dry shoe machine, automatic shoe cover machine, light catalyst

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  • Air conditioning appliances

    Window air conditioner, split wall hanging air conditioner, split cabinet type air conditioner, a ceiling type air-conditioning, air conditioning, embedded small central air conditioning, electric fan, dehumidifier, humidifier, air purifier, negative oxygen ion generator, a miniature oxygen generator

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  • Heating appliances

    Electric heater, electric blanket, electric heating furnace

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  • Personal care appliance

    Hair dryer, shaver, hair curler, epilator, clipper, electric scissors, hair straightener, oil cap, plait machine, electric toothbrush, pore cleaner, nose hair trimmer, electric Manicure device, electric nail repair, the fat meter, electric eyebrow shaving device, electric eyelash curler  

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  • Health care appliance

    Foot bath, massage chairs, massage, blood pressure measuring instrument, temperature measuring instrument, the body fat measuring instrument, electronic beauty instrument

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  • Home entertainment electronics

    Game machine; entertainment machine

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  • Solar electric appliance

    Solar water heater, solar lawn lamp, courtyard lamp, solar toys, solar panels

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  • Home audio & video products

    TV (including LCD TV, plasma TV, rear projection TV, mobile TV, 3D TV, intelligent TV etc.), home theater, projector, DVD player, combined sound, radios, tape recorders  

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