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Factory1: Dunao Cun, Yunlong, Yinzhou, Ningbo,China 

Factory2: Shangshen,Hongtang,Jingbei,Ningbo,China;

Office:#188 Xinfu Road, XiufengCun, Gaoqiao, Yinzhou,Ningbo,China;

Tel: +86 574 8705 3552 

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Kitchen appliances

    Smoke machine, cooker, dishwasher, disinfection cupboard, refrigerator, soya bean milk machine, juicer, coffee machine, electric rice cooker, microwave oven, induction cooker, electric baking pan, electric pressure cooker, electric oven, electric frying pan, bread machine, noodle machine, egg boiler, egg mixer, kitchen Po, peeling machine, ice machine, fruit thinning processing machine, detoxification machines, barbecue appliance

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